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Rebecca Kottke

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Supreme Sacrifice Day: Honoring real life heroes and celebrating fictional ones


Sacrifices come in many forms. Many times people recognize them as someone choosing to die in order to save the greater good. However, a character can also sacrifice their time and comfort in order to help others.

The media represents these different types of sacrifices all the time in TV shows, comic books, movies, and books.

Today, the Daily Planet team came together to celebrate and share some of their favorite and memorable sacrifices in the media for Supreme Sacrifice Day.

The remainder of this article may contain potential spoilers.

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The Planet has pride: A coming out story


The following is an editorial and strictly opinion.

Imagine going through life having to hide who you are just to keep those who built you around. You go through most of your teen years, and perhaps some of your adult years, or maybe you go through your entire life, not reaching your full potential. The urge to suppress this part of yourself stems from the fear of religious persecution, letting every tormentor from your childhood feel the satisfaction of being right and/or the possibility of disappointing others.

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