Safety First: How To Prevent Accidents in the Laboratory

Safety first: How to prevent accidents in the laboratory

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Scientific laboratories are full of dangerous equipment, materials, and conditions that can cause accidents. This is why there are many strict safety standards and guidelines when working in one of these environments.

If you want to promote an efficient and successful lab, you need to make sure that you prioritize safety first. To ensure you understand safety in a scientific setting, read on to learn how to prevent laboratory accidents.

Wear all the proper PPE

Every laboratory worker must wear the necessary personal protective equipment before entering the laboratory space. This includes things like goggles or safety glasses, protective gloves, face shields, lab coats, and closed footwear. PPE helps protect your lab technicians and other workers from the dangerous conditions that can stem from lab experiments, such as chemical exposure or broken equipment.

Stay focused and practice awareness

Your laboratory technicians and other staff can also be the sources of laboratory accidents. When they don’t maintain the proper techniques or focus, lab technicians can mishandle equipment, putting themselves and others at risk. Additionally, laboratories can be busy environments with lots going on around you at all times. It’s easier to lose focus or mishandle equipment when you’re in a hurry. Remember to slow down and practice situational awareness. You should also warn those around you when transporting fragile equipment or hazardous materials.

Don’t work alone

Just as using a spotter at the gym can be safer, working alongside another technician in the lab promotes safety. Having the extra pair of eyes can help you and your other lab technicians notice mistakes or hazards. Having teams of technicians also makes it easier to respond to accidents and emergency events during an experiment.

Carry out cleaning and sterilization

If you fail to clean and sterilize your lab equipment and stations, it could lead to contamination that can cause illness and accidents in the lab. Detergents and sterilizers are some must-have lab supplies. Be sure to keep a healthy stock of both so that you can clean your equipment after every use and ensure it’s ready for your next experiment.Use these tips to prevent accidents in your laboratory and provide peace of mind for your staff. When you adhere to safety rules and regulations like these, your staff will feel safer and more productive while working in your secure lab space.

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