10: ARROW (verse): Lois Lane in the Crossovers (Elseworlds and Crisis!)

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Lois Lane joins the Arrowverse! In honor of the Arrowverse officially ending with the series finale of The Flash a few weeks ago. Sara goes back to a time when the Arrowverse HYPE was real.

Sara covers Lois Lane’s first appearance in the world of DCTV on the CW on the crossover event Elseworlds AND even tackles one of the biggest events in CW history… the Crisis on Infinite Earths 5-episode crossover event! 

We have multiple Supermen, Lois with baby Jonathan, jumping Earths, Argo exploding, proposals in the Fortress of Solitude, the Kent Farm (Somebody SAVE ME), Tom and Erica, J’onn mispronouncing “Lois”, cheesy dialogue, cheap sets, plot holes, and a whole lot of LOVE for these ambitious crossovers.

Sara Brooke Christian

Sara Brooke Christian is a writer and scholar. She is the founder of Dreams and Screams, a production company centered around cryptids, ghosts, and aliens that produces radio shows, podcasts, and travel guides. Her favorite alien hails from the planet Krypton and her favorite character of all time is Lois Lane. She also collects Lois Lane comics and merch when she isn’t writing plays and hosting podcasts.

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