DC first look preview: ‘Icon vs. Hardware no.1’

Eagle-eyed DC fans that picked up "Icon & Rocket: Season One" and "Milestones In History" got the first hint that a clash between two of the Dakotaverse’s heavyweights was just a matter of time.

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Round one of that showdown begins on Tuesday, February 14 with “Icon vs. Hardware no.1,” and DC’s got your first look at final covers and some great interior artwork.

To learn more about the world outside of Dakota and prepare her for her role in running the world when he returns to Terminus, Augustus Freeman, a.k.a. Icon, sends Rocket (Raquel Ervin) to an exclusive boarding school, where she meets new friends and has her “mean girls” suspicions quickly confirmed. Meanwhile, Hardware, armed with a time machine created by inventor Benjamin Banneker, plans to go back in time to prevent The Big Bang from ever happening, with absolutely no concerns about how his actions will impact the time stream. Along the way, Hardware uncovers secrets about himself and the Metcalf family, and his actions will undoubtedly put him on a collision course with Icon in the present day.

Icon Vs Hardware is the official kickoff of Act One of Milestone’s “Worlds Collide” event — and if you think you know what that phrase means, think again! This is the ideal jumping-on point for those
who’ve sat out the story of Dakota thus far, because this ride is headed somewhere completely unexpected!

This five issue series reunites “Icon & Rocket: Season One” co-writers Leon Chills and Reggie Hudlin, and artist and Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan, and the debut issue also features the DC debut of artist Yasmin Flores Montanez from The Milestone Initiative. Issue no.1 features a main cover by Rahzzah, with the main variant cover by Canaan White and Chris Sotomayor, plus a 1 in 25 ratio variant “homage” cover by Denys Cowan.

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