Why Doggie Daycare Is Better Than a Dog Park

Why Doggie Daycare Is Better Than a Dog Park

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Every dog needs playtime and socialization. Without plenty of playtime, dogs can get lethargic and even become depressed. If they never meet other dogs and people, there’s a chance they may come to view everyone but their family members with aggression.

Discover why doggie daycare is better for your dog than a dog park.

Clean facilities

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably been to a dog park where no one has picked up after their dog. Navigating a minefield of poop can make enjoying the dog park nearly impossible. It’s also safe to assume that no one’s ever around to wash off the benches in a dog park, which most certainly have pee on them. At a professional doggie daycare, there are staff members to clean up after the dogs and wash any equipment that gets dirty.

Healthy dogs

Any doggie daycare that cares about animals will require owners to submit medical records for their pets before admitting them. This way, you know that your dog is only playing with other healthy pups who have up-to-date shots and are pest-free. At a dog park, you have no idea whether the other dogs are safe to play with.

No aggressive animals

When owners fail to socialize their dogs early on or adopt an adult dog, sometimes, those animals don’t have the necessary social skills to play with other animals. When you visit a dog park, you won’t know if the other dogs are aggressive until they’re already too close to your dog.

No owner interactions

Sometimes, other dogs aren’t the problem at the dog park—it’s the other dog owners. Let’s say you see a dog with mange at the dog park, and you don’t want your healthy pet playing with that animal. If you pull your dog away, the other owners might get mad at you for judging them as pet guardians.

There’s no way to win in a situation like that. You can’t control how other people treat their pets, but you can protect yours. By using a doggie daycare, you avoid all of the awkwardness of other pet owners.

Doggie daycare is better than a dog park because you know that your pet will be in a clean, controlled environment with lots of supervision. When you pick them up, they’ll be ready to relax at home with you.

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