5 Advantages of Camping in a Rooftop Tent

5 advantages of camping in a rooftop tent

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Before you go on your next hiking trip, consider replacing your ground tent with a rooftop tent. Explore the five advantages of camping in a rooftop tent.

1. Easy tent set-up

No matter how long you’ve been an outdoor enthusiast, pitching a ground tent can take time. With a rooftop tent, setting up is quick and simple. After parking your car, pull the latches on your tent and it will open easily. In moments, you’ve got your sleeping quarters set up.

Another way that rooftop tents save time is that you don’t have to be as particular about the ground. In general, if your car can park in a space safely, your tent can open there, too. The more time you save on setting up, the more time you can spend exploring.

2. Comfortable sleep

Another advantage of camping in a rooftop tent is that you’ll have a comfortable place to sleep and recharge. Many rooftop tents have a more durable construction than ground tents, providing better protection from the elements and giving you a cozy environment for sleep. Additionally, the built-in mattress makes a more comfortable sleeping surface than you’d typically see on the ground.

3. Enhanced safety

One you install your rooftop tent to the top of your vehicle per the manufacturer’s guidelines, you have a safe structure for sleeping outdoors. Since you’re elevated above the ground, you have protection from wild animals and meandering bugs. You’ll also have an easier time keeping the inside of your tent dry in rainy weather.

4. More storage space

Rooftop tents free up space inside your vehicle for other must-have camping essentials. Since the sleeping mattress is built into the tent, you won’t have to pack all the sleeping gear you might typically pack with a ground tent. Pack up food, cooking items, and other necessities and keep them organized more easily thanks to keeping the tent on the roof of your car.

5. Durable equipment

Finally, rooftop tents are durable camping equipment. You want all your camping gear to last a long time and look great. Whether you get a soft top or hard top rooftop tent, you’ll have a product that will provide you reliable shelter through many outdoor adventures.

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