How To Maximize Space for Your Commercial Building

How to maximize space for your commercial building

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Working with limited space in your commercial building can be difficult, especially for growing businesses. However, expansions and moves can be disruptive and costly alternatives.

Learn how to maximize space in your commercial building to create a more productive environment that fits your business’s needs.

Work with the space you have

Among the benefits of modern office trends are the almost endless options to make your space work for you. If your building design doesn’t offer clear areas you can designate for cubicles, meeting rooms, or break rooms, try an open-concept office space. Large, open floorplans are ideal for creating such spaces. If this design style isn’t right for your workflow, consider adding temporary walls and partitions to designate certain areas of the floor for certain work. Utilizing your available space rather than moving or expanding your business can help stretch your budget and promote sustainability.

Design a layout based on needs

Your business’s layout should reflect your company’s needs to take advantage of your space. For example, commercial office buildings have individual rooms that support specific needs. For example, keep a meeting room simple and offer plenty of seating to keep conversations flowing and promote collaboration. On the other hand, divide cubicles to create personal space where your employees can work independently on their own projects. Both designs maximize space based on the applications of the room and your business’s needs.

Utilize underground parking

Many commercial buildings must get creative with expansions because of the demand for parking areas. Parking lots can eat up precious square footage your business could otherwise use for commercial building expansion or landscaping. By utilizing underground parking solutions, you can increase your parking accommodations without encroaching on landscaping or commercial space. While many businesses still utilize above-ground parking, underground models are the future of automated parking for the various benefits they offer.

If your business has grown and you’re feeling cramped in your current space, remember these ways to maximize space in your commercial building. These tips will help you avoid costly expansions and can even help organize and beautify your business inside and out.

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