Things That Add Character to Your Tiny Home

Things that add character to your tiny home

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Tiny homes have become increasingly popular due to their financial advantages, and they offer a more freeing lifestyle opportunity. If you own a tiny house, it can be hard to fit your personality and taste into a small space.

However, with planning and small accents, you can add a little pizzazz to your home. Here are a few things you can do to add character to your tiny house so that you won’t feel like your space is cramped or bleak.

Add an accent wall

When you downsize, you have a better opportunity to customize the interior. Most tiny homes have an all-wood interior, so adding accent colors like blues, greens, oranges, or jewel tones will help keep the interior exciting. Try painting a wall. Usually, your back wall is a different color from the rest to help make your space look bigger than it is. This will allow you not to feel crammed in a tiny space.

Display accent colors or patterns with décor

When decorating your space, be selective about what you include in your area. Avoid having too many items or décor to prevent having an over-cluttered look. Remember that less is more. Some décor items that can add colors and patterns to your space include:

  • Accent pillows
  • Curtains
  • Stained glass
  • Colorful wall art
  • Unique light fixtures
  • Textured rugs and blankets

Add multifunctional furniture and features

When you’re tight on space, you should have multifunctional features and furniture to help you have enough room for lounging. You can add:

  • A narrow staircase that leads to a spacious loft area
  • Built-in shelving underneath the staircase to house your books and other knickknacks
  • A folding table that you can use as a dining room table or desk
  • Built-in seating benches or seating areas in nooks

The biggest challenge is keeping the home organized, so install storage spaces that will add character to your tiny home while keeping your décor and furnishing in moderation.

Expand the living space

You should expand your living space by creating a small porch or deck to help you not feel cramped. Depending on the size, you can add French doors that swing outward to transition indoor and outdoor living spaces. Adorn your outdoor space with chairs, benches, and plants to help make your area feel welcoming and spacious.

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