Features To Look For in an Office Paper Shredder

Features to look for in an office paper shredder

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Choosing a paper shredder for your office doesn’t need to be a difficult decision. Keep reading to discover the key features to look for in an office paper shredder as you navigate the endless shredder models on the market.

Security level

Paper shredders have seven different levels of security. When choosing an office paper shredder, it’s important to remember what types of documents you intend to shred and the security guidelines associated with them. For example, government institutions and medical facilities often require high-security paper shredders to dispose of the confidential documents they handle. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to choose a shredder with cross-cut or micro-cut shredding to destroy your documents thoroughly.

Safety features

Many modern and high-security paper shredders feature state-of-the-art safety features to avoid office accidents. After all, paper shredders feature sharp blades that can reduce stacks of paper to shreds, so it’s important to keep your hands and belongings away.

Safety features for paper shredders include auto-feeding and automatic shut-off functions. These features help guide the paper through the blades so that you don’t need to place your hands near the opening. The automatic shut-off feature can even detect when your fingers or other non-paper obstacles are near the feeding slot and automatically lock the shredder to prevent injury.

Bin capacity

While not as exciting as security or safety features, bin capacity is an important factor to consider when choosing a shredder. If your business goes through a whole stack of shredded documents daily, you’ll need a high-capacity shredder with easy bin access for quick emptying. On the other hand, if your employees only use the shredder for shredding documents occasionally, a smaller shredder might be all you need. It always helps to select a shredder that is larger than you need rather than smaller—otherwise, you might begin to notice signs you need upgrade your shredder soon after.

When you know which features to look for in an office paper shredder, the decision-making process becomes much easier. Use these tips to find the perfect paper shredder for your business.

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