Most Common Remodeling Projects Throughout the Home

Most common remodeling projects throughout the home

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From first-time homebuyers to those who have lived in the same home for decades, everyone considers remodeling at some point in their journey.

Learn about some of the most common remodeling projects that homeowners implement throughout their homes and take inspiration for your own home planning.

Kitchen remodeling

According to a NKBA Research Report from January 2022, the kitchen and bathroom market is expected to grow over 19 percent this year, which includes remodeling opportunities. This constant need for remodels could be because the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the average house or because its appliances and fixtures can quickly become outdated. Kitchen remodels are also profitable for homeowners since many kitchen-related projects add value to the home. Some trendy kitchen remodeling projects include expanding countertops, changing cabinets, adding islands, and more.

Bathroom remodeling

Just as kitchen remodels are growing in popularity, so are bathroom projects. The bathroom is the space where many of us get ready for the day ahead and end the day. This means bathrooms see a lot of use, so plumbing and appliances can wear down quickly. Homeowners may start to outgrow their bathrooms as well, which is where remodeling comes in. Some common bathroom remodeling projects include replacing or expanding countertops, rerouting plumbing, and updating fixtures.

Whole-house remodeling

When you notice issues and updates you need to address throughout the home, it might be time for a whole-house remodel. Whole-house remodeling is more popular than you might think, ranking the next highest on the list after bathroom remodels. Whole-house remodeling is convenient for targeting multiple areas of your home. For example, large-scale remodels like these are common for homeowners who have just purchased a new home that needs updates.

Room additions and extensions

Room additions and extensions are the fourth highest-ranking remodeling category. Room additions might be one of the first projects you think of when you hear “remodeling.” This is because the concept of remodeling is changing the structure or form of the home, and room additions fit the bill perfectly. When homeowners and families start to outgrow their space, they might request the proper permits and contractors for a room addition or extension.

If you’re considering planning a remodel for your home, remember some of these areas that homeowners often target. These common remodeling projects throughout the home can help increase the value and functionality of your home.

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