Black Adam’s Justice Society comes to comics

Enter the world of the big screen Black Adam with this sneak peek at DC's new one-shot, "Black Adam — The Justice Society Files: Hawkman."

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This October, “Black Adam” hits theaters worldwide with the force of a magic-infused lightning bolt, but if you want to be in on the story from the very beginning, you’ll need to drop by your local comic shop next week. 

“Black Adam — The Justice Society Files” is a spectacular new series of one-shots set firmly within the world of the film that provide crucial backstory for some of its featured characters. At their heart are the four members of the Justice Society: Hawkman, Cyclone, Atom Smasher and Dr. Fate, with a 48-page comic devoted to each one. Within those pages, you’ll also find four backup comics, bringing important details of Teth-Adam’s backstory to light, as he rises to his destiny of becoming the brutal protector of Kahndaq.

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Up first is “Black Adam — The Justice Society Files: Hawkman,” written by Cavan Scott with art by Scot Eaton. Once, Carter Hall was the leader of the mighty Justice Society—a collective of heroes who stood against evil and injustice across the world. Today, they’re barely remembered. A footnote from the past. But a supernatural attack from a powerful adversary will soon force Carter to confront his heroic legacy, setting the winged hero on a flight path directly towards someone with a much different approach to fighting wrongdoers—Black Adam.

Embodied on screen by actor Aldis Hodge, “Black Adam’s” Hawkman represents the first time we’ll be seeing the legendary winged warrior brought to life on the big screen, but we don’t actually know much about what we’ll be seeing. Will Hodge’s Hawkman be the reincarnation of an Egyptian king? An extraterrestrial from the planet Thanagar? Something entirely different? “The Justice Society Files” will start to provide answers to some of our most burning questions. Best of all, as a special holiday weekend treat, we’re giving you an early look at this highly anticipated new comic. Take your first steps into the world of DC’s newest blockbuster by clicking below.

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