The Various Uses of Ultraviolet Light in Everyday Life

The various uses of ultraviolet light in everyday life

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We’ve all heard the term “ultraviolet light” at least once. We know enough about UV light to say that it’s essential to life on Earth. After all, this particular type of light is responsible for helping to warm our planet, fight certain diseases, and much more.

But we never really get to hear about how it impacts much of our everyday lives. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the most remarkable uses of ultraviolet light in daily life so that you can see how incredible this form of electromagnetic energy is.

Illumination and light signs

Among the most prominent ultraviolet light applications is the way we often use them to illuminate UV lamps. Of course, these lamps aren’t like the ones you’d pick up at Goodwill for a few bucks. They’re far more energy-efficient, and you can use them across multiple industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Quality inspection
  • Medical and hospitality

They work in pretty much any industry that requires well-lit spaces. Further, UV lamps can light signs. For instance, UV lights illuminate many emergency exits and company signs for regulatory and advertorial purposes.

Backlighting in avionics and aerospace

Ultraviolet lights are also commonly used for backlighting in avionics and aerospace. If that sounds super important, that’s because it is. The avionics and aerospace industries are responsible for sustaining and improving our ability to fly within the Earth’s atmosphere and into space.

It’s no secret that airplanes, space shuttles, and rockets require excellent lighting for safety and basic functionality. That’s where UV light comes in. Just as it plays a role in illuminating medical facilities and manufacturing plants, UV is a practical and effective backlighting solution in aircraft cabins and cockpits.

The same is true for spacecraft. That is to say, the high-tech UV solutions are an excellent fit for backlighting in space shuttles and other spacecraft.

UV curing in manufacturing

The everyday uses of ultraviolet light don’t end with the ability to illuminate prominent spaces. This unique form of light is also a massive help to manufacturers looking to cure coatings, finishes, and inks on various products. Manufacturers can also depend on UV light to help cure:

  • Adhesives
  • Varnishes
  • Lacquers

Plus, finishes cured with UV light are more durable and last longer in harsher arenas like industrial and automotive facilities.

From illuminating hospitals and business signs to ensuring aircraft cabins are well lit and our favorite products receive adequate curing, ultraviolet light plays many roles in our everyday lives. Hopefully, this brief overview has provided some valuable information on how UV light makes our lives simpler, safer, and more convenient.

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