The Best Types of Boards for Commuting in the City

The best types of boards for commuting in the city

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You may have noticed a recent trend of people using various boards to move around town. As you sit in traffic, you may wonder if that style of ride is right for you.

Before selling your car and becoming an avid rider, you must learn some of the best types of boards for commuting in the city.

Mini cruiser

Using a lightweight and compact board is ideal for commuting around town, especially if your route sees plenty of foot traffic. It can be challenging to maneuver through a crowd when your board is large, making the mini cruiser an optimal choice for big city living. Anything you can easily fit in a backpack is perfect for slipping through tight spots in the crowd. Plus, it’s easy to jump off and pick up a mini-board in one fell swoop.


On the other hand, some cities are ideal for cruising through on a longboard. If you live in a flat, less crowded city, a longboard is the premium selection for commuting. Opting for a longboard is increasingly trendy because people are finding that riding a longboard to their job, class, or town provides them with enormous joy and a wonderful workout.

Longboarding commuting usually entails gliding softly and methodically low to the earth. Longboard commuters like it because the ride is quicker than walking, less expensive and more environmentally friendly than driving, and more convenient than cycling.


These one-of-a-kind forms of transportation have pressure-sensitive footpads that enable you to navigate and manage the speed with your feet. However, there is a learning curve involved in hoverboard riding, so don’t expect to hop on and go immediately.

A hoverboard is quite affordable compared to a mountain bike, vehicle, or motorbike. And you shouldn’t anticipate spending for maintenance since they have few moving components, an innovative design, and excellent structure. Lastly, hoverboards are a fantastic option because they are compact, making it easy for you to stash away in the corner of your bedroom at home or office at work.

Electric skateboard

Like the hoverboard, an electric skateboard is not suitable for everyone, particularly if you are a novice on any board. The main detractor of an e-board is learning to ride on this board doesn’t teach you how to skateboard properly. These boards are heavy and don’t look the part, and they’re an expensive option as well. Therefore, if you’re not immediately enamored by the e-board, it’s wise to consider a different option.

Knowing the best types of boards for commuting in the city proves that you don’t need a car to get from point A to point B. Additionally, the commute is more enjoyable when you’re doing something you love. There isn’t much to love about being in bumper-to-bumper traffic, so it might be worth getting a board in your future.

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