How To Let Go of Sentimental Items Before a Move

How to let go of sentimental items before a move

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It isn’t easy to let go. This is especially true of items that we’ve held onto for a while, whether a family heirloom or the last gift from a relative.

However, circumstances can make this hard. You’ll likely have to accept that you have to let go of some things if you’re moving—even things with sentimental value. Change your perspective and learn how to let go of sentimental items before moving.

Determine what’s worth keeping

It’s time to do an audit. This is one of the reasons why it might be good to hire a professional organizer. They’ll help you with this part. You want to let go of things to save space, but that doesn’t mean you need to get rid of everything. A good way to do this is to analyze your motives. Why are you keeping this item? Is it because it’s been in your family for generations? Or is it because it reminds you of your ex?

One is from a healthy attachment, and the other isn’t. Surely everyone would want to keep the intergenerational heirloom over the unhealthy attachment rooted in holding onto your ex. One should look at moving like spring cleaning: this is another opportunity to clean out the old and embrace the new. So keep the good stuff and let go of things rooted in unhealthy attachment. You may find that you’ll have a better idea of what you should keep and what you shouldn’t if you audit your items based on importance rather than feeling.

Donate it

If you have clothes, take a trip to a thrift store or donate them to a cause that’ll accept them. If you have heirlooms, take them to your local history museum. A museum is a great option since you can visit the museum and see these items again. You won’t feel that they’re gone forever because you can see them whenever you want—usually for cheap. Sometimes you can give the item to someone else in your family. This is particularly useful for heirlooms that have been in your family for generations. Give it to your cousin, son, or daughter. They will take care of it.

Take a photo

A quick hack to make you feel better about giving away your items is to take a photo of them before giving them away. You may find that it feels the same as having it in your possession. You may not have the physical items, but the memories it evokes can feel the same. It might even help to make a scrapbook to keep track of your items. Taking a photo will make it so that you have far fewer items that need to go with you. This is important when letting go of your sentimental items before your move.

In short, hoarding your items doesn’t do you any good when it’s time to move. Instead, make space for new things, even if they’re sentimental. You can always make new memories, but first, you’ll have to let go of some old ones.

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