Ways To Stay Cool in Your Apartment in the Summer

Ways to stay cool in your apartment in the summer

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For many people, the summer offers a time for relaxation, fun, and festivals. But for college students who sit in their apartments, the summer is cruel, and the blistering heat may take the joy out of not dealing with the cold.

There are ways to beat the heat and stay cold so that you can enjoy all of the pleasures that summer brings.

Make Popsicles

Making popsicles is a budget-friendly way for college students to stay cool in their apartments during the summer. When you buy popsicles, they come in a preselected variety of flavors; but when you make your own, you have the option of combining flavors and using the ingredients you want.

Making popsicles is simple: buy a popsicle mold at the store, pour your liquid of choice into the molding, place popsicle sticks or toothpicks into the fluid, freeze it, and break it out when completely frozen. You may also use ice trays to make ice pops, which are smaller but still delicious and will help keep you cool.

Store Blankets in the Freezer

This is an odd cooling method, but it will keep you surrounded by cold. The blankets need to be dry, and the thicker the material, the colder it will be. Place multiple blankets into the freezer for about half an hour.

When enough time has passed, take one blanket out and wrap yourself in it; try to remain stationary since your body temperature will rise with movement and warm the blanket up faster. When that blanket has lost its cold feeling, place it back in the freezer and take out the next one. Continue alternating between blankets to keep your body cool in your apartment until the heat begins to fade away outside.

Create a Cool Study Space

The heat may cause you to become distracted while taking summer courses. If you want to study in comfort, you could use the windows and any fans you have to make a chilled study area. Set up next to the window, and place any fans around you to have the air from the outside blow in one direction and the wind from the fan blow in another, creating air currents to cool you down simultaneously.

The summer has many fun things to do, but you need to make sure you aren’t too warm in the heat. Use these ideas and any other resources around you to keep you cool during the summer.

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