Road Features That Are Essential for Highway Safety

Road features that are essential for highway safety

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Whether you are a seasoned driver or just received your license, the highway can be a stressful place to maneuver.

States include safety features in their highway planning to help make it easier to navigate. Road markings, streetlights, traffic signals, pedestrian crossing lines, and guardrails are essential for safe travel. Before you head out on the road, you should be aware of road features that are essential for highway safety.

Road markings

Road markings are essential because they tell drivers where to drive and when to stop.

Road markings are divided into general road markings and special road markings. General ones include white lines, yellow lines, edge lines, and small reflective markers. Special road marks include arrows, advance speed warning signs, and road work signs.


Streetlights are a common feature of highways. They’re often on from dusk to dawn, and they usually have timers that control when they turn on and off. Streetlights are very important because they help drivers see better during low-visibility conditions like fog or rain. Additionally, traffic signals are also crucial; they help regulate traffic by stopping cars at intersections so pedestrians can cross safely.


Did you know that guardrails are an essential part of highway safety? Guardrails prevent vehicles from running off into bodies of water such as rivers or lakes. Guardrails are also called crash barriers or median barriers. When well-designed, guardrails do not threaten occupants of vehicles traveling at normal highway speed. They can actually save lives!

Traveling on highways makes long road trips possible! These stretches of high-speed roads allow us to take a long drive to visit a friend or head on a much-needed vacation. Many workers maintain and improve these highways, and the same road features that are essential for our highway safety protect them as well. Please pay close attention to work zones and reduce your speed. You can recognize active workers by their high visibility reflective vests, which can be lifesaving, especially once the sun goes down!

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