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Minneapolis resolution supports access to reproductive healthcare, abortion rights

The Minneapolis City Council has approved a resolution supporting access to reproductive healthcare and abortion rights.

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The City Council passed a resolution promoting access to reproductive healthcare and abortion rights in the wake of news that the US Supreme Court appears prepared to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that guarantees federal constitutional protections of abortion rights.

“Ensuring that everyone can get coverage for reproductive healthcare—including birth control, pregnancy tests, prenatal care, screenings for cancer and sexually transmitted infections, hormone replacement therapy, doula services, and abortion—is an important step toward creating equal economic opportunities,” the resolution reads.

In the resolution, the City Council urges all Minnesota cities to “join its efforts in safeguarding and promoting access to reproductive healthcare and abortion rights, and pass resolutions urging the Minnesota Legislature to take steps necessary to protect and promote reproductive healthcare and abortion rights, instead of restricting them.”

“I appreciate the overwhelming support that I’ve gotten from my fellow Council members and staff in making this unprecedented resolution possible,” said City Council Member Robin Wonsley Worlobah. “I also would like to offer my utmost gratitude to the community partners like Our Justice and Just The Pill, who not only helped co-create this resolution with us, but who are doing the hard work of both advocating for reproductive rights and connecting our residents to necessary reproductive services every day. I look forward to working with my colleagues and our community partners on policy measures and other initiatives that will ensure that Minneapolis becomes a safeguard city for reproductive rights and body autonomy.”

“I’m grateful for Our Justice and Just The Pill, two critical reproductive justice and abortion support organizations, for their leadership in our community,” said City Council Member Aisha Chughtai. “I believe that cities can provide even more sanctuary for our residents, and I look forward to working with Council Member Wonsley Worlobah, my fellow Council colleagues, and the mayor to ensure that Minneapolis continues to be a city where abortion remains accessible, and a city where our residents and their loved ones can truly thrive.”

“Abortion is basic healthcare,” said Mayor Jacob Frey. “Minneapolis will always be a haven for people who need the full scope of healthcare and reproductive services—including abortion—and we will do everything possible to make sure this is the case indefinitely. I support the Council’s resolution and stand with them in urging all Minnesota cities to join together to protect the rights of our community members.”

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