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"Action Comics no. 1," which launched the superhero genre with the first introduction of Superman and Lois Lane, was published April 18, 1938.

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A wrongfully accused woman faces the death penalty, a group of gangsters kidnap the illustrious Lois Lane and a smashing green vintage 1937 DeSoto meets its final fate.

What do they all have in common? They all played a vital role in the first appearance of Superman in “Action Comics no. 1.” 

The Man of Steel leaps to the rescue in this iconic comic book that started it all. When readers made their way to newsstands a new caped hero graced the front page of “Action Comics.”

Right off the bat Superman was on a heroic endeavor to save a wrongful accused woman from the electric chair, and after doing so, continued on more adventurous quests throughout the well crafted pages of America’s first superhero comic book.

Joining this Metropolis Marvel in his inaugural issue was also his later to be wife and life partner, Lois Lane.  Starting out as a “lovelorn” columnist for the Daily Star in 1938, Lois often rubbed elbows with misogynistic filled male counterparts, always scooping them on major stories. Her aspiration was on full display when this issue hit stands.

Lois Lane and Superman meet for the first time in “Action Comics no. 1”

She later came face to face with the high-leaping hero and history was forever changed. This first couple of DC Comics were at the very dawn of an era that would capture the imaginations of countless individuals and change planetary culture like never before.

Started by Jack Liebowitz and published by National Allied Publications on April 18, 1938, with a cover dated for June, “Action Comics no. 1” is widely considered as the first true superhero comic in history.

The issue saw the start of Superman, the worlds first caped superhero. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the Man of Steel grew to be one of the most recognized characters throughout fiction. Today “Action Comics no. 1” is priced at over $3.25 million.

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