Successful Companies That Started Out as Small Businesses

Successful companies that started out as small businesses

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Even if you’re starting from the humblest of beginnings, you can make it to the top. As long as you have a great idea and a reliable team, the sky is the limit.

If you want to learn more about enterprises that started small, you’re in the right place. Here are some successful companies that started out as small businesses. Some rags to riches stories may be precisely what you need to hear to stick with it.


Apple wasn’t always on the top of the world. In fact, their first computers came from a garage out of Cupertino, California. That’s when Steve Wozniak created the first Apple computer, and he teamed up with Steve Jobs.

One of their first breaks came when a retailer ordered 50 computers at $500 per unit. They could complete the order within 30 days, which saved the business. They’re now one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Ten miles away from the Wozniak/Jobs garage were the founders of Hewlett-Packard. They started their company in a small garage in the back of a rental house. The first product they ever built was an audio oscillator. Anyone walking by would have no clue that these entrepreneurs would go on to form one of the world’s leading electronics companies.


One of the world’s richest men, Jeff Bezos, started in a garage, too. He would use the nearby Barnes & Noble whenever he needed to hold meetings. Bezos launched Amazon in 1995 and began selling books from his garage. As of today, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. When you start your own business, your potential is unlimited!


Now one of the most recognizable toy companies, Mattel also had humble beginnings. The founders—Harold Matson, Elliot Handler, and Ruth Handler—started in a garage in Southern California. They didn’t even start as a toy company. Instead, the trio manufactured picture frames.

One day, Elliot Handler began making dollhouse furniture from the picture frame scraps. Ruth was impressed with his work and decided to start selling it. They completed their first order to a store on Wilshire Boulevard, and the rest is history.

Many successful companies started off as small businesses. Their stories should bring hope to all aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Even if you haven’t found success yet, it’s never too late to take a risk and find your calling.

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