Business Tips To Go Green With Your Commercial Property

Business tips to go green with your commercial property

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Going green is not a trend or a fad; it’s here to stay. And everyone needs to do their part, even big businesses.

Commercial properties’ size and complex operations make it difficult for them to be eco-friendly. But this shouldn’t discourage you. Here are a few business tips to go green with your commercial property.

Install Tinted Windows

If you want to reduce the cost of your energy bill, consider installing tinted windows. Tinted windows will convert your commercial property into an energy-efficient building. You’ll benefit from energy-efficient window tinting because you’ll have better temperature control and create a more comfortable interior for your employees.

Apart from reducing your monthly energy bill, an energy-efficient building reduces your carbon footprint. Take this first step in going green with your commercial property by installing tinted windows. You’ll minimize heat loss and avoid overworking your central air system.

Track Your Waste

You have a lot on your plate, but you still need to consider your waste management. It’s easy to overlook the amount of waste your office produces. Create a system that helps you keep track of garbage your workplace generates.

When people visibly see the amount of waste their workplace generates, they become more environmentally conscious. In addition to this system, conduct waste management training sessions. Your entire team needs to be on board for the system to work successfully.

Install Green Rooftops

Your roof is a part of your commercial property, and it deserves to go green, too. Developing a rooftop garden makes your building beautiful and offers ecological benefits, such as absorbing carbon dioxide and purifying the atmosphere.

Your employees will have a place to go and breathe in the fresh air. The garden acts as a calming escape when the daily grind gets a little too intense.

A Dual Plumbing System

Water conservation is another commonly overlooked aspect of a business. Consider installing a dual plumbing system to save and create a healthy workplace environment. As the name suggests, the design separates the water into two types: potable water and reclaimed water.

Potable water is safe for drinking and washing. Reclaimed water comes from sewage but is filtered out and bacteria-free. You use reclaimed water for toilet plumbing or plant irrigation.

The dual plumbing system conserves more water, but it can get costly. If this system is out of your budget, consider saving rainwater or the water collected from handwashing to fill your toilets.

Converting your commercial property into an eco-friendly building doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do is properly plan and strategize. These few tips will ensure you lessen your business’s carbon footprint cost-effectively.

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