Unique Things To Begin Collecting This Year

Unique things to begin collecting this year

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You’ll hear people argue that memories are the best to collect, but any hardcore collector will disagree. You can turn any hobby or love into a collection if you have the space, time, and money.

Below is a list of fun and unique things to begin collecting this year to get the creative juices flowing.

Comic Books

Geek culture has become mainstream in the past few years, causing an increase in the popularity of comic books. There are various comic books to choose from, including Superman, Captain America, Iron-Man, and Batman, to name a few. You may not think comic books are unique, but many people treasure them. Plus, you can make the collection unique to your liking.

Vintage Movie Posters

Movie theaters before the 1940s used to rent movie posters for a limited time, display them, then send them to the next theater. Few signs survived this era. Movie lovers and film fans alike now seek out these posters.

Vintage Action Figures

There is a treasure trove of items to collect from the mid to late 80s. Many collectors prize the action figures from the 80s. Adults remember the longing to have these toys when they were kids and now have the money to purchase them.

Fridge Magnets

They may seem like a simple vacation souvenir, but fridge magnets make excellent collectibles because they won’t break the bank. They mark a specific time and place while unlocking memories you may have forgotten about.

Vintage Tableware

Lovers of the past will search through garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores for the next vintage mug, silver spoon, or painted plate. These are great places to begin the hunt to start your collection of vintage tableware.


Matchbooks are great to collect because they’re inexpensive, easy to carry around, and you can use them in case of an emergency. There are an array of ways to display your matchbooks as well. Because they come in various colors and sizes, you can use them as décor or create a customized holder to set on display for guests to look through.

There is no limit to your collection. You control how large or small the group is and what you’re collecting—if you didn’t see something on this list, that doesn’t mean you can’t collect it! There are so many unique things to begin collecting this year. Happy searching!

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