Helpful Advice for First-Time Warehouse Supervisors

Helpful advice for first-time warehouse supervisors

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Being a leader of any kind isn’t an easy job. It can be even more difficult if you’re a warehouse manager since you need a specific set of skills.

If you find yourself in this new role without a leg to stand on, don’t worry—you can learn how to be an effective manager in no time. Here’s some helpful advice for first-time warehouse supervisors.

Keep Everything Clean

No matter what industry you’re in, keeping things orderly always improves performance. This is especially true in a warehouse setting where organization is key. Enforce cleanliness policies and encourage everyone to maintain a tidy workspace. This way, you can reduce safety risks while maintaining a clean work environment.

Gain Employee Trust

Employees are the backbone of every business, and you’ll need their trust to function as a team. There is a fine line between being a friendly boss and a pushover, so tread lightly. Your staff should feel comfortable enough to come to you with problems and concerns, so be flexible and open-minded. At the same time, you also need to be firm and consistent to meet targets and improve productivity.

Make Safety a Priority

Working in a warehouse comes with its own set of safety risks. Stacked inventory creates a falling hazard that could injure anyone it hits, and heavy machinery can cause significant damage if staff mishandles it. Improve these dangerous situations by making safety a priority. Offer training refreshers to your team, encourage people to report unsafe conditions, and reward employees for following safety procedures.

Keep Up With Equipment

Storage facilities are only as good as their equipment. These tools and machines usually come with a hefty price tag and are expensive to replace. Performing frequent inspections and maintenance will save money, improve performance, and reduce safety risks. Keep up with your equipment and repair your pallet racking system as soon as you identify a problem.

This helpful advice for first-time warehouse supervisors should help you establish a good foundation for leadership. As with any new job, practice makes perfect—do your best to implement these practices and watch how much easier your job becomes.

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