Everything To Know Before Moving Into a Small Apartment

Everything to know before moving into a small apartment

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You’ve probably envisioned yourself surrounded by large boxes after carrying your stuff into your apartment and wondered whether the small space would accommodate all your needs. You may start doubting yourself and question whether moving into a small apartment was a good idea in the first place.

Well, don’t worry. All you need is a little planning and creativity, and what seems like an impossible living situation might become your favorite space after all. Explore everything you need to know before moving into a small apartment.

Consider Your Furniture

You’ll probably never find a better time to evaluate whether you like that bulky armchair from your grandma. It’s imperative to get the floorplan of your new apartment ahead of time and map out whether or not some of your furniture will fit in and how the whole place will look.

Any furniture you bring in should serve a purpose or even more than one. If not, then you should get rid of it or put it in storage.

Take a Hard Look at Your Current Kitchen

When you have a bigger home, the chances are that you have more than you need or use in your kitchen. But now that you’re about to move to a small apartment, it’s the right time to start downsizing and have a look at the kitchen.

When was the last time you used that expensive pressure cooker? And do you need that rice cooker? Probably not. You likely won’t have enough kitchen space for all this stuff. It’s best to focus on practicality and part with the appliances that aren’t necessary.

Make Room for Sentimental Items

Let’s be honest; we sometimes find ourselves in a scenario where the things we love aren’t practical, but they still make us happy. Whether it’s big or small, your home should be your happy place. If you have sentimental items that make you feel cheerful and peaceful, then you should create space for them.

For example, you shouldn’t replace your old school record player with a smaller Bluetooth speaker just because you’re downsizing. If that record player brings you joy, you should make room for it. You can explore creative design tips for small spaces, such as maximizing natural light and using multipurpose furniture. Using these techniques will help you keep sentimental items without making your apartment feel overcrowded.

This overview on everything to know before moving into a small apartment is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to uprooting your life. However, there’s no need to panic. Just focus on being creative and making your small apartment an enjoyable place to be. Depending on what’s important to you, you should only pack what’s necessary and rid yourself of everything else. Happy moving!

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