Top Safety Tips To Follow in the Warehouse

Top safety tips to follow in the warehouse

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Every year, governing authorities, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), make required changes to ensure that employees in the warehousing and manufacturing industries follow the best practices in the safest facilities possible.

The regulatory agencies perform safety audits on a regular basis to ensure that all warehouses follow the best practices and safety recommendations. Having said that, warehouse associates are also responsible for general, day-to-day safety. Here are some of the top safety tips to follow in the warehouse!

Wear Personal Protective Gear

Safety goggles, hard hats, fire-resistant apparel, steel-toe boots, earplugs, and leather work gloves are examples of personal protective gear. Warehouse personnel are often provided with safety equipment upon hire; however, contractors, temp agencies, and on-demand staffing platforms may have to provide their own. Before starting a shift, always double-check the corporate policies.

Report Injuries Immediately

This can involve something as insignificant as a slight burn or a small cut. There is no reason for a workhouse colleague to experience injuries if they followed protocols to the letter; this implies that a piece of equipment or work method may be defective. To avoid additional harm, report all problems to management as soon as possible.

Follow Proper Lifting Techniques

OSHA has a set of ergonomics guidelines that includes a section on heavy lifting in warehouse situations. Warehouses across the country must follow best practices and provide training to their personnel. If you’re a contractor or a member of an on-demand staffing platform, you should familiarize yourself with OSHA’s Ergonomics Standards and Enforcements, even if you think you’re exempt.

Pay Attention When Crossing Aisles

If you’ve ever worked in a warehouse, you know that the aisleways are among the most dangerous parts of the structure. They are the warehouse’s “streets,” where heavy machines and vehicles are constantly moving. Always remember to look both ways and pay attention to all visual clues, such as lights, floor markings, and lit signs.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the top safety tips to follow in the warehouse! While warehouse safety issues may seem difficult to circumvent, we assure that doing so will not only make your business more profitable but more efficient as well!

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