Some of the Many Different Uses for Turbines

Some of the many different uses for turbines

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Turbines have a variety of uses across industries, from energy generation to propulsion systems. Read on to discover some of the many different uses for turbines!

Creating Clean Energy

Turbines make many forms of sustainable energy that we rely on today possible. Water and wind both lend themselves to movement, a key part of turbine implementation. Paired together, renewable resources and turbine machines have allowed for clean energy generation.

For example, hydroelectric facilities use dams, water releases, and turbines to generate electricity that we can then store. Many dams across the world produce enough electricity to power their surrounding communities.

Similarly, wind turbines provide an emission-free option for generating electricity by utilizing both turbines and renewable energy sources. As the wind pushes the turbines, the action produces electricity that operators store for later use, similar to the dam.

Powering the Aviation Industry

The gas turbine is another popular type of turbine used for propulsion. Jet engines rely on turbines to produce energy. These systems mix compressed and heated air with the fuel source. When the mixture ignites, the resulting air causes the turbine to spin. Since the altitude doesn’t affect a gas turbine’s efficiency, it’s a staple of the aviation industry.

Operating Historical Steamships

Though not the most efficient option for moving large boats today, historically significant steamships still rely on turbines. Steam turbines use a heated fuel source to produce steam, turning the turbine and generating energy and movement. Anyone seeking a clear demonstration of the power of turbines and their significance as part of human ingenuity need only buy a ticket for a steamship ride.

These examples are only some of the many different uses for turbines. The turbine’s ability to create energy and electricity makes it an invaluable tool today and throughout our modern history. The basic functionality of a turbine hasn’t changed, but there’s still much more to know about turbines, as they will undoubtedly continue to create, inspire, and enable innovation in the future.

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