Tips on How To Find the Right Motorcycle Gear

Tips on how to find the right motorcycle gear

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There are various pieces of gear a motorcyclist can choose from, but it’s essential to understand that if it doesn’t fit properly, it will defeat the purpose.

An accident may still occur even if you wear gear, but if things fit well and are appropriately worn, you can prevent life-threatening damages and ensure a quick recovery. Here are some practical tips on how to find the right motorcycle gear.


Some top-of-the-line gear offers impact protection. Consider investing in a jacket with reinforcement on the elbows, shoulders, and back areas. Also, aim to find pants with armored knees and hips. The protective areas must cover the joints when you’re riding your bike, so these coverage areas may hit below the joint when you’re on two feet.


The construction of the gear is vital to its ability to provide protection. Ensure all seams have a triple stitch and a smooth finish. This will make them more durable in the event of a slide. When choosing a boot, make sure it has a shifter pad and offers your ankles and toes protection. You also want to consider the sole of the boots. They should be oil-resistant and stitched on.


One of the best tips on how to find the right motorcycle gear is overall visibility. Finding reflective gear for your upper body can increase the awareness that you’re on the road. It helps to have large surfaces in reflective material, but the insets, piping, and panels are also beneficial. Another option is to wear a high-visibility vest over your armored jacket.


Gear must fit appropriately and snugly. It should be snug but not so tight that it impedes any ventilation. If all equipment works well, it’s less likely to shift if you experience an impact or a slide on the road. Another way to ensure the fit is to try on the gear and sit on the bike. Experiencing any constrictions in movement often means the equipment is not protecting the joints correctly or providing an adequate range of motion.

Even after investing in all the best gear, an accident can still occur. If you experienced an accident with serious injury and need help, seek out legal advice. Unfortunately, motorcyclists often get overlooked while on the road and are at increased risk of accidents. Remember to wear your helmet at all times!

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