The Essential Checklist for a Family Vacation

The essential checklist for a family vacation

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Your family spent the holidays hustling around from place to place, and now you’re ready for a vacation. Planning and executing a vacation can be as dramatic as the holidays if you’re not prepared. After you decide on a destination, carve out some time to curate a list of all the things your family will need. This can ensure you’re on top of it when it’s time to depart.

To help get you started, here is the essential checklist for a family vacation!

Important documentation

It’s critical you take all necessary paperwork and pertinent documents for the trip should an emergency arise. If your family has any medical needs, prepare to have documents about those handy as well. You don’t want to misplace this information, as it’s essential to your livelihood, so ensure it’s in a secure location that is easily accessible to only the members of your family.

Travel itinerary

Before you leave, nail down all your traveling plans during that planning time. This will ensure a smooth transition before the trip, during the trip, and when returning home. A few things to consider include:

  • Mode of transportation
  • Events and activities while on vacation
  • Attractions and tickets, should you need them

Travel buddies

If you’re traveling with littles, something to consider is their comfort. Pack neck pillows and a small blanket in their carry-on backpack when traveling by air. And when traveling by ground transportation, bring along activities that interest them for a while so you can go long stretches.

Pet care

The pets in your home are often just another member of the family. So keeping them safe while you’re not home is a vital piece of keeping your sanity while you’re gone. You don’t want to spend your vacation losing sleep because you’re worried about them. Set up a care plan with a neighbor or family friend to check on them depending on how long you’ll be gone.

Hopefully, this essential checklist for a family vacation can help you stay on track with planning and executing. No matter where you go with your family, remember to take a break and enjoy yourself!

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