3 Housing Alternatives for New Homeowners

3 housing alternatives for new homeowners

Purchasing a new home can be very stressful. There are so many options out there, so making a decision can be challenging. Unfortunately, a lot of houses are very cookie cutter.

Read about these three housing alternatives for new homeowners if you want something more unique than a ranch-style mid-century modern.

Shipping Containers

Living in a shipping container sounds less than glamorous, right? Well, don’t dismiss the idea so quickly. Thousands of people are living in shipping containers these days. They choose this option because it’s much cheaper than a traditional house on the real estate market. Additionally, the space is smaller, so you’ll be forced to get rid of some of the clutter you’ve been hanging onto for too long. What’s more, you’ll have to be more organized and figure out how to optimally use the space. With a little imagination, a shipping container can be the place you’ve always dreamed of.

Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are all the rage right now. People love these structures for multiple reasons:

  • As with shipping containers, the spaces are smaller, forcing you to get rid of things that have been bogging you down. Living a minimalist lifestyle is far less stressful than managing a huge house.
  • Since there’s not much to do in a tiny house, living in one encourages you to get outside. You’ll lead a more active lifestyle and be healthier for it.
  • Some tiny homes are mobile, offering you the option to travel wherever you want.


The final option of these three housing alternatives for new homeowners is a fixer-upper. Many novice homeowners shy away from projects because they don’t know where to start, but ignoring these houses is a mistake—they’re often cheaper than updated homes, and you get to put your stamp on the design. Consider living through your renovations so that you can save some money and spend it on the house.

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