Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Paint Job

Tips for maintaining your car’s paint job

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Anyone who has received a new paint job for their vehicle knows how important it is to maintain it for as long as possible.

You don’t want to see your shiny new coat go dull. To that end, here are some tips for maintaining your car’s paint job.

Know How To Wash Your Car

Of all the tips for maintaining your car’s paint job, the most important is that you know how to properly wash your car. It may be surprising to hear, but many car owners don’t know the first thing about cleaning the exteriors of their vehicles. Ensure you keep a safe distance between the water nozzle and the car, as too much water pressure can damage the paint. You should wash it from the top down to the bottom, scrub with a non-abrasive mitt, and rinse gently. Then, you must repeat the process until the car is clean. You can use a microfiber towel to dry it at the end.

Wax Your Car

After a quality wash job, you can wax the car to protect it and help it shine. Some people may feel tempted to apply polish instead. But those products actually contain damaging abrasives.

Protect Your Car From the Sun

The intense rays from the sun can fade your car’s paint. Obviously, you can’t avoid the sun entirely. You do, after all, need to drive the vehicle. However, you can be smart about where you park. If you have a home garage, that’s a big bonus in your favor. If not, put a covering over the car whenever you can. When you’re on the go, do your best to park the car in the shade.

Safely Remove Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are among the everyday things that can damage your car’s paint. Inevitably, your car will have to contend with this annoyance. Droppings and bug splattering will slowly chip away at your vehicle if you don’t deal with them. Remove them as soon as possible so that the paint doesn’t become damaged. Use a waterless wash to spray over the covered spot, then clean it with a microfiber towel.

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