Best 5 Proposal Ideas for Your Adventurous S.O.

Best 5 proposal ideas for your adventurous S.O.

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When you’re with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the hardest part is figuring out how to pop the big question.

Sure, you can go with the more traditional way and get on one knee to ask them to marry you. But these best five proposal ideas for your adventurous S.O. might inspire you to switch it up!

Propose in the Sky

Does your adventurous partner want to go skydiving or take a helicopter ride for the first time? Propose to them during your jump or pilot session!

While it may seem difficult to ask for their hand in marriage while falling about 120mph from a plane, it’s possible and will make for a memorable day.

If you’re in a helicopter, it may be hard for your significant other to hear you, so bring some illustrations or act out the question. It might make them laugh, but it’ll make the moment even more special.

Ask Under the Water

Perhaps you and your loved one want to go scuba diving; you could ask them the big question underwater! Since it might be hard to talk—you know, with the whole needing oxygen tanks to breathe thing—you might need to brainstorm a way to ask your partner without using your words!

You could write it out in the sand or on waterproof/laminated paper to get your point across. Either way, they’ll love it!

Pop the Question in a Balloon

You could pop your burning question in a hot air balloon ride to propose to your adventurous S.O. in a creative and fun way. It could be a great way to ask them in a quiet, peaceful ride across the sky. You could choose to ask them on the ride, before, or after, whatever works for you and your loved one.

Go Off-Roading Together

If your S.O. is extra adventurous, you might consider taking a romantic off-roading trip together and asking them there! It may get a bit muddy, so tell them to wear something comfortable if it’s a surprise. Off-roading is a fun and exciting way to ask your loved one to marry you!

Lead Them in a Scavenger Hunt

Almost everyone loves scavenger hunts! If your significant other enjoys solving mysteries, they might enjoy a puzzle that leads them to the big question.

Furthermore, diamonds can be so overrated; make your scavenger hunt more unique and authentic by proposing with one of the most valuable gemstones in nature.

Consider the above best five proposal ideas for your adventurous S.O. to ensure you both have a fun, memorable day that you’ll share for years!

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