What To Do With Your Live Tree After Christmas

What to do with your live tree after Christmas

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Thinking about what to do with your live tree after Christmas is sad. What’s even sadder is watching a garbage truck haul it away. But did you know there are ways to recycle your live tree after the holidays?

Recycling your tree with one of the following methods is a great way to start being more sustainable this new year.

Recycle It

First, check to see if your city offers a Christmas tree recycling drop-off or pickup program. Sometimes a local business will be happy to collect used trees as well. Some cities with accessible recycling programs may even offer live tree collections in the days following the holidays, so keep an eye on your local paper or newsletter. Remember to remove all decorations and hangings from your tree, and double-check it prior to leaving it for pickup or dropping it off.

Attract Local Wildlife

In the event there are no tree recycling services in your area, you still have options besides putting it out at the curb with the garbage. Consider leaving the tree in your backyard to attract wildlife. You could hang birdhouses from its branches to offer sanctuaries for birds in your neighborhood. This will attract all kinds of other critters to your yard, too, so if you’re looking for more local wildlife, try setting up your Christmas tree outdoors when you’re finished with it.

Use It as Firewood

Once your tree finally loses its needles, it might become a bit of an eyesore in the yard. However, there are still recycling options for it even at this stage. Try chopping the branches and trunk of the tree into firewood. Evergreen trees are usually full of sap, so you’ll want to use this firewood exclusively outdoors to avoid a sticky mess in your indoor fireplace. However, the dried wood makes an excellent fire-starter.

Before you toss your tree out to the curb with the garbage this year, remember there are other options for what to do with your live tree after Christmas. Think of all the seasonal waste we could keep out of landfills if every family recycled their trees after the holidays.

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