Most Common Uses of Printed Circuit Boards

Most common uses of printed circuit boards

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Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are important electrical components inside various devices. They can enable different features and make a better user experience with devices we use daily.

In fact, PCBs are inside more things than people think. Check out this list of the most common uses of printed circuit boards today!

Medical Devices

The healthcare industry uses different PCBs to advance current technology and reveal new devices. It’s crucial to understand that PCB manufacturers must produce reliable medical equipment because they’re an integral part of patient health. Often, printed circuit boards must meet sanitation standards for emergency room use and implant purposes. Popular medical equipment includes PCBs and medical imaging systems like CT scans, blood pressure monitors, infusion pumps, and pacemakers.

Consumer Electronics

We use consumer electronics every day because smartphones and laptops are vital tools for many activities. Manufacturers can produce small PCBs that fit inside our devices and enable specific features. For example, multi-layered PCBs are among the six types of printed circuit boards that manufacturers can place inside computers, tablets, and phones.

Automotive Components

Many automotive manufacturers use a growing number of electronic devices and components in their vehicles. Originally, PCBs were in windshield wipers and headlight and taillight switches. Today, manufacturers enable advanced features with the help of different printed circuit boards. PCBs can work in sensors that monitor blind spots and warn drivers about nearby objects. Additionally, stereos that integrate GPS and entertainment heavily rely on PCBs for proper function.

Safety and Security Equipment

Many security systems rely on printed circuit boards, whether they’re in homes, businesses, or government buildings. They play a major role in our safety and security during our everyday lives. PCBs for safety and security equipment rely on specific applications that can withstand outdoor environments while maintaining an internet connection (for live feed streaming). Some types of equipment that include PCBs are security cameras, smoke detectors, motion sensors, and electronic door locks.

PCBs are an essential part of many of our devices. Many things we use every day, such as our phones, laptops, security systems, and cars, operate with a specific PCB. We hope our list of the most common uses of printed circuit boards taught you valuable information.

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