Steps To Preparing for a Smooth Winter Move

Steps to preparing for a smooth winter move

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We can say, let it snow all we want, but it doesn’t help when we’re trying to move in winter. We know you’re trying to make the most of your big move, so we’d like to offer you our guide filled with steps to preparing for a smooth winter move.

Decluttering Your Home

The biggest issue with moving in winter is that we aren’t sure how to move every oversized item, such as our flat screen, table, sofa, and even refrigerator. To help condense the home, consider listing items you’re okay with replacing for something new after moving.

Here are ways to help declutter your home faster:

  • Split all items into donations and sell piles. Piles help decide what things have the most value and don’t have any attachment to anymore.
  • Begin the process room by room. When you organize by room, you’re able to maintain a ranked list of tossed items and what you plan to keep.
  • Place old photos, videos, and audios into a computer to convert into digital files. It’s hard to let go of fond memories, so while you’re organizing, add all of your cherished memories into a digital database to look at later.

Organize Your Moving Day Plan

Five months, three weeks, or even two days ahead of moving day, you need to have a plan to help make transitioning from one place to another as smooth as possible. However, this can be tricky, and you need to accept there may be some delays, mainly if the weather’s affecting your move.

Here’s how to plan your move better this winter:

  • Get prepared for bad weather
  • Start in the morning
  • Wrap the expensive and essential items first

Board Pets and Get a Sitter

If you have children, it’s a good idea to get a sitter to watch them to help avoid any delays in the morning. Children may get hurt if they aren’t careful, so hire a sitter or send them to a relative’s house, so there are no delays.

One of the ways families may forget their pets during a move is because the pet hides. So, board your furry friends before moving. Additionally, if you have a pet or two, board them up to avoid them running off or hiding.

Clean the Home

A courtesy to new homeowners is cleaning the home as best as you can. You aren’t required to clean the entire house, but cleaning the floors and hallways makes a huge difference. So, right before leaving, sweep up dirt and mop the main areas of the home.

Areas to clean include the following:

  1. Hallways
  2. Floors
  3. Shelving space
  4. Cabinets

Our steps to preparing for a smooth winter move are here to help ensure your move is successful. Carefully plan out the day or month before the move, board up your pets, call a sitter, and toss things you no longer need. After that, you’re finally able to relax and enjoy your new home.

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