Lockpicking Techniques for Total Beginners

Lockpicking techniques for total beginners

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Lockpicking is not only an essential skill to have but also a great hobby. You can learn a lot about mechanics from understanding how locks work.

When you learn how to lockpick, you are learning a trade or a skill that could potentially save your life or someone else’s someday. Here are the basics of lockpicking techniques for total beginners to get you started.

Single Pin Picking

When you start out with a beginner lock pick set, you will learn how to single-pin pick. In this method, you use a tool called a pin to open chambers inside the locking system one at a time. You can successfully open many locks this way, although it tends to be time-consuming.

The Art of Raking

When you become a little more advanced, you will learn how to rake with a tool called a rake that does just what its name implies. You will repeatedly rake until you find the right combination or combinations to open sections of the lock. You will eventually make it all the way through. Sometimes people even get lucky with one pass with the rake and unlock the lock.

Using Both Tools Together

As you advance, you will eventually learn to use the pick and the rake together so that you’re doing what looks like open-heart surgery with a locking system. This is a more difficult form to master and can be time-consuming. But as you go along, you will face more difficult locks that require advanced techniques to open and crack locks you never dreamed you would get into.

When you adopt a hobby that you love, there’s nothing more satisfying in the world. Starting off with these lockpicking techniques for total beginners is a good place to begin if you’ve never tried it out. You never know—it could be your next greatest hobby.

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