The Best Places To Grow Pecans in the US

The best places to grow pecans in the US

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Pecans are healthy, delicious, and easy to grow in your own backyard. But before you plant any pecan trees, make sure you live in the right environment.

When you’re learning how to care for your pecan trees, you’ll find out that location is very important. Pecan trees require plenty of sunshine and a neutral or slightly acidic soil, and they grow better in some places than others. Discover some of the best places to grow pecans in the US.

1. Georgia

Georgia is currently the top producer of pecans in the United States. The climate, soil, and sunshine in Georgia allow pecan trees to grow exceptionally well. You’ll often find pecan trees in rural and urban areas. If you live in Georgia, you should be able to grow pecan trees with ease.

2. Texas

If you ever visit the Lone Star State, you’ll notice there are pecan trees everywhere. You’ll find them growing in backyards, next to roads, and in city parks. Due to the warm weather, sunshine, and rich soil, pecan trees can grow tall, healthily, and strong in Texas.

3. New Mexico

The third state that grows a significant number of pecans every year is New Mexico. Just like Texas, New Mexico has warm weather and sunshine. However, you might need to water your trees more in this state than in others if you don’t see a lot of rain in your area. Your trees will require water to grow healthy, tasty pecans.

Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma are some of the best places to grow pecans in the US. Keep in mind that pecans also grow well in many other states with similar climates and conditions. If you live in one of these three states, you should be able to grow healthy pecan trees in your own backyard with ease.

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