How Automatic Doors Can Make Your Business Safer

How automatic doors can make your business safer

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Automatic doors might already be on your list of eventual investments for your business, but prioritizing this purchase helps you keep your business, customers, and employees protected.

Let’s explore how automatic doors can make your business safer this year.

Creating No-Contact Entryways

Door handles are among the dirtiest areas in a building, as people going in and out of your business handle the doorknob, handle, or push bars without much thought. This constant contact allows for the easy spread of germs and sickness that impacts your employees, customers, and families. Automatic doors take away one point of physical contact and help limit the spread of flu and other illnesses.

Providing Improved Accessibility

Automatic doors make it easier for people with mobility differences to come and go, but they also make it safer for anyone requiring assistance to get through your entryway. Automatic doors negate the need for struggle to open a heavy door while on crutches and lower the risk of a door hitting someone moving through slowly.

Advancing Business Security Instantly

While we don’t often think about the security aspects of automatic doors, many businesses heavily rely on their access control integration features. Automatic doors easily connect with access control systems that require keypad entry, card readers, or other security systems that limit entry. Many automatic door options also include remote or keyless deadbolt options, improving security for your property and ensuring the safety of your employees.

Automatic doors can also make your business safer from legal issues, as accessibility is a legal requirement for businesses of a specific size in many countries. Added accessibility features do more for your workplace than protect you from lawsuits, however. Overall, if you are considering another investment in your business, it’s wise to put automatic doors toward the top of your list for your business, customer, and employees’ benefit.

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