First look: Super-powered service with a smile

It’s hard out there for a D-level hero as we discover in this exclusive first look at Mark Russell and Steve Lieber’s One-Star Squadron.

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Hey, we can’t all be Superman.

With its rich history that spans over eight decades, the DC Universe is a big, diverse place that’s given birth to heroes whose powers run the superhuman gamut. Wonder Woman with her strength, skill in combat and unwavering belief in truth and justice. Batman and his unrivaled martial arts prowess and brilliant deductive skills. The Flash, who’s one of the nation’s foremost forensic scientists when he’s not zipping around the world at light speed. G.I. Robot with his…er, gift for human speech and, um, fully automatic machine gun arm?

Okay, clearly one of these is not like the others, but that’s okay because while the Justice League may only take the best of the best, HEROZ4U is open to the rest! HEROZ4U is an all new, just launched app that allows the public to request the services of a superhero within a matter of minutes (for a very reasonable fee). This innovative service aims to change the way superheroes do business, largely by turning it into a business. Sure, like with any startup, there are bound to be bumps on the road to success. (Think super-villains are destructive? Try getting review-bombed on Yelp!) But if you’re a moderately-gifted superhero who just can’t seem to get out of the minor leagues, HEROZ4U may be your key to superhero success.*

One-Star Squadron” no. 1 by Mark Russell, Steve Lieber and Dave Stewart is available in print and as a digital comic book on Tuesday, December 7. Photo courtesy of DC Comics

The DCU’s newest super-powered organization makes its spectacular** debut in next week’s “One-Star Squadron no. 1,” the first issue of an all-new limited series by no less than Mark Russell and Steve Lieber. Russell’s past DC projects include the Eisner-nominated satires “The Flintstones” and “Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles,” while Lieber’s just coming off the Eisner-winning “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen,” so it’s safe to say that “One-Star Squadron” is not a series that you’re going to want to sleep on. But, if you need further enticement, enjoy this exclusive preview of the bitingly funny first issue…and remember to use HEROZ4U for all your future superhero needs!

*Let’s just be realistic about how we define “success.” You’re probably not ever going to be called up to fight Manhunters with Green Lantern, but you just might find your weekends booked with birthday parties and promotional events for months to come!

**Let’s be realistic about how we define “spectacular,” as well.

This post was originally published by DC Comics’ Tim Beedle. Besides some stylistic edits, this article was not altered or changed in any way.

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