Watching ‘Smallville’ is an unforgettable experience

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This summer I took on the endeavor of watching the iconic Superman television show, “Smallville.” In college, I watched the first three seasons of the show, but unfortunately, life got in the way. Recently, the inspiration hit me to revisit “Smallville,” and I’m so glad it did.

Clark Kent has always been a character I connected to and loved, and “Smallville” is an immersive deep dive into his character that no Clark Kent fan should miss. From the in-depth characters to the villains, from the Superman mythology to even the soap opera elements, “Smallville” is something special.

From season one to season ten, “Smallville” takes you on Clark Kent’s journey to finding out who he is and who he’s meant to be: Superman. Watching Tom Welling’s Kent grow and mature from teenage kid in Smallville, Kansas to Daily Planet reporter in Metropolis over ten seasons is a fantastic experience.

And “Smallville” doesn’t lack amazing characters outside of Welling’s Clark Kent. Everyone from the Kent family to the iconic Lois Lane herself is portrayed beautifully and with respect. And of course, there’s just something so special about seeing Clark Kent and Lois Lane working at the Daily Planet.

Watch my full thoughts on “Smallville” from season one to season ten below!

Destiny Ricks

Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Destiny Ricks doesn’t describe herself as the typical Southern Belle. Growing up, Ricks often lost herself in the various fascinating worlds she found in literature and comic books, particularly with Batman. Her mother, an educator, instilled a love of reading and writing in her and once her brother gifted her a camera, the rest, as they say, is history. On her YouTube channel, Ricks discusses and analyzes films and often geeks out about the latest comic book properties. Ricks is a nerd through and through and you can find her at her most chaotic on her Twitter.

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