Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti joins the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s Class of 2022

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Producer, Writer, and Director Greg Berlanti, or better known as the father of the “Arrowverse,” has been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2022. 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame announced the news of Berlanti’s induction on June 17. According to the Walk of Fame, the producer and writer will be inducted into the television category. 

Berlanti is known for being one of the creative geniuses behind the CW Network’s “Arrowverse,” for those who don’t know. The shared universe has been compared to the likes of the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe). The narrative from each series would eventually lead up to cross-overs confirming every superhero epic took place on the same earth. 

The first series that started everything was “Arrow,” which started as a gritty and realistic take on the adventures and comic-book escapes of the Green Arrow, commonly known as the Green Arrow from the panels of DC Comics. But, of course, the series did stay grounded and had no intention of spin-offs till S2 E9 The Runaway Scientist. Nevertheless, the episode did serve as a launching point for creating several spin-offs with the surprise guest appearance from actor Grant Gustin. 

As of this article being written, Gustin is an “Arrowverse” vet and has been the titular lead of Barry Allen on the sister show “The Flash,” which was just renewed for season 8. Season 8 is slated to premiere on Nov 16th, 2021, on “The CW.”  

Throughout the years, the inclusion and rating juggernaut of superhero narratives being relatable and human would help cement the rational concept of evolving the ceiling of storytelling at the time and then shifted into the shared continuity known as the “Arrowverse.” The Arrowverse once came to reality when Arrow premiered on Oct 10th, 2012, and now consists of CW shows such as “The Flash,” “Superman and Lois,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Supergirl,” “Black Lightning,” “Stargirl,” and “Batwoman.” 

At a Palyfest Convention on March 9, 2013, Bertalni, being a comic book fan, mentioned his reasons for choosing to create “Arrow.”  

“‘Arrow; was always to me it seemed like ripe for a TV show in part because he’s a crusader for social justice which you kind of knew in the DNA of the show. It felt like that there’s many episodes of a TV series . The other thing that was appealing to us was the possibility of doing an origin story.”

Bertalni explained that while an origin story could be done in the first 20-minutes in a movie, in a TV show, it could be explained over multiple years. He further elaborated that the DNA of Oliver Queen’s character and his experiences on Lian Yu island just seemed ripe for storytelling. The other shows that spun off from Arrow had adopted different styles and genres. For instance, “The Flash” was light-hearted and had a family dynamic to it as opposed to the grittiness of “Arrow.”   “Batwoman” has some similarities to Arrow since both take place in crime-ridden cities and center around characters dealing with their own demons while fighting crime. 

According to IMDb, several of Berlanti’s credits include co-writing and producing the live-action superhero film “Green Lantern”(2009) along with directing and producing the USA Network’s “Political Animals”(2012) and ABC’s “Brothers and Sister”(2006) and “Eli Stone.”(2008). Of course, Berlanti is no stranger to the CW Network or once known as the WB Network. 

When he started his career in television, Berlanti was a writer and executive producer on the WB’s “Dawson’s Creek.” After “Dawson’s Creek,” he would create two WB dramas, “Everwood” and “Jack and Bobby.” Berlanti has also been nominated for several Writers Guild of America, Directors Guild of America,  and Golden Globe awards for his work on television and film. 

Berlanti joins “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus, “The Mandalorian’s” Ming-Na Wen, and “Saturday Night Live’s” Kenan Thompson in the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s Class of 2022. 

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