Superman and Lois’s first ever meeting in history featured in 1938’s “Action Comics no. 1”

Rare Superman comic sells for record-breaking $3.25 million

One of the most iconic publications to come from American literature sold for a ravishingly large price this week.

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The aforementioned issue of “Action Comics no. 1,” which sold for 10 cents when it was originally released in 1938, was auctioned Tuesday for $3,250,000 million according to a press release from online auction house

“Action Comics no.1” is widely recognized as the introductory piece for Superman, the founding character for the Superhero genre. Following his appearance, a stupendous flow waved through pop-culture and changed the landscape forever.

In the comic, it’s 1938 in Metropolis. Our predecessor, the Daily Star, bustles with energy. News and information flow through the testosterone filled bullpen as the illustrious Lois Lane listens for a possible story lead, striving to scoop her male counterparts.

A wrongfully accused woman faces the death penalty, a group of gangsters kidnap the reporter of steel Lois Lane and a smashing green vintage 1937 DeSoto meets its fate. What do they all have in common? They all played a vital role in the first appearance of Superman in “Action Comics no. 1.” 

The Man of Steel leaps to the rescue in this iconic comic book that started it all, and which broadsheet newspaper captured all the action and excitement? Well, it’s not the one you’re thinking of.

When Siegle and Shuster first conceptualized the popular version of Superman, his alter ego, Clark Kent, and gal pal Lois Lane worked for the Daily Star, which was under the tenure of Editor-in-Chief George Taylor.   

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