Fan-made video​ will make you wish for a ‘Crisis’ team-up between Marvel and DC

This video starring iconic characters from favorite main-stream comic fandoms will have you wishing for an ultimate adventure with Marvel and DC icons.

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A fan-made video staring characters from both Marvel and DC multiverses will have you wishing for the ultimate crossover experience. 

In the trailer we see actors from the past and present prepare to face off against the ultimate foe, Darkseid, in order to save an infinitude of universes. 

According to the creator behind the epic trailer, it took a total of five months to complete. 

“For this particular project my goal was to attempt to crossover, on screen, as many DC and Marvel fandoms as possible, past and present,” Andrew of AListProduction said. “It was a challenge to figure out how all the pieces would align, but it was fun figuring out which heroes could be in shots together to tell the bigger story.”

AListProductions is responsible for several popular superhero-related videos amassing over 25 million views. 

“These projects I make usually take months just from the visual effects and editing that goes into many of the shots and finding the right dialogue to connect the scenes together,” Andrew stated. “I knew I needed a force that would be tough for DC and Marvel I had used Dr Manhattan in a previous video last year, so Darkseid was the obvious choice to me!”

Notable viral videos AListProduction’s is responsible for producing includes, but is not limited to, Superman vs HulkSuperman vs Thanos and Avengers vs Justice League.

“I was blessed on this project to be able to get some assistance from some other creators in different aspects,” Andrew said. “The thumbnail for my trailer was made by JSComicArt, who I’ve worked with before.”

According to Alist, another fan editor, Julian Bell to be exact, helped lighten lighten the work load by providing a few shots for the trailer. 

“Josh Alden a talented voice immitator, did the extra Tom Holland line ‘so you mean I’m not the only spider-man?’” Alist commented. “I’m always greatful to collaborate with other talented people!”

Watch the video bellow. 

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