Warner needs to get their act together

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Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The ultimate trio of supers. The triad of triumph. The best of the best. DC Comics plays host to heroes that laid the groundwork for one of popular culture’s most iconic genres — the super hero. So why is it many are so perturbed when it comes to their cinematic universe? 

When Marvel’s Avengers premiered in 2012 they changed the entertainment industry forever. Four complex years of intricate planning lead up to the groundbreaking blockbuster, starting with “Iron Man” in 2008. An onslaught of universe building films ensued and billions of dollars were made. 

In response to this, WarnerMedia began production on their own entertainment universe, the DCEU. But it was rushed. Or at least that’s how it currently feels. From casting debacles, controversies and critics, confusion has been surrounding the universe since “Man of Steel.” It seems the franchise has no charted course of direction and it’s extremely disheartening. 

From news that Zack Snyder’s cut of “Justice League” will be a solo “cul-de-sac” stand-alone, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill’s “will he won’t he” casting drama, to Cyborg actor Ray Fisher fighting for accountability over entertainment, Warner Media seems to be scattered and disoriented beyond normal function. It feels like someone threw my favorite Justice League comic series into the air without binding, leaving the pages scattered everywhere. No order in sight. And with the news of producers removing Ray Fisher from future projects… I’m done.

I’m no religious follower of the all mighty director, but at least Zack had a plan. A plan that included every other director involved in the DCEU. The team was there. The groundwork was there. The potential was there. The executives were not. 

It seems that DC, or rather WB, cares more about money than art. Remember art? Filmmaking is an accountable art form. Or it used to be. I get that it’s a quantitive money making machine as well, but what makes a great movie is the amount of compassion, care and detail poured into it by all involved. 

This is where Marvel’s success comes in. Their goal is primarily storytelling, and it shows. It also paid off because it constructed a massive fan base and created a lucrative movement that retains billions of funds for their main studio. One that still possesses major momentum to this day. 

DC Comics and Marvel have been friendly “competitors” for decades. Creative artists, talented writers and gifted generators have been building icons since 1938. Without originally realizing, the two top tier publishers built off one another. They constructed an empire that has inspired billions. Why can’t our entertainment studios do the same?

When “Man of Steel” premiered there was no substantial proof of a soon to be universe. Then Warner announced a follow up with Director Zack Snyder at the helm. “Batman vs. Superman” premiered in 2016 to mixed reception, but it built a complex universe. I for one loved the picture. Soon after, a series of films premiered. Zack’s five movie vision for the dawn of the DCEU was born. His intricate plan was at least something promising. It wasn’t total chaos.

Whether you like Snyder or not, there are eight years of storytelling already cemented into our collective intellect. The origins are there. WB should prioritize molding a movie universe from the core foundations already established. 

Either a majority of executives in charge of DC films are moronic money grabbers, or this is an ingenious marketing scheme to spark controversial conversations about their cinematic universe.

The world of DC Comics is extremely important to me. It’s inspired me in so many ways. Warner, please get your act together because you’re representing something beautifully incredible.

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