The second presidential debate – canceled

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After many back-and-forth requests from the Trump and Biden Campaigns for moving the debate or changing its format, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) decided to cancel the second presidential debate on Friday.

The debate was originally going to be held on Oct. 15 with a town hall format in Miami.

After President Trump tested positive for COVID-19 last week, the commission shifted the format of the debate to be held virtually, a change that President Trump refused.

The commission still plans to hold the third debate, scheduled for Oct. 22 in Nashville.

On Friday, the CPD canceled the second debate. It had announced the debate scheduled for Oct. 15 would be virtual on Thursday. – Trump refused to do a virtual debate.

Biden’s campaign proposed moving the second debate to Oct. 22 and Trump’s campaign agreed, also proposing to move the third debate to Oct. 29. Biden rejected this proposal.

Trump’s campaign now says the president can return to public engagements on Saturday and called for the original debate to proceed as planned.

Earlier on Thursday, the Commission for Presidential Debates announced that the second presidential debate will be held virtually.

During an interview with Fox Business on Thursday, President Trump said he did not approve of the decision.

“That is not acceptable to us…I’m not going to do a virtual debate…I am not going to waste my time.”

President Trump

Biden said he was ‘looking forward’ to the virtual debate, but when it was cancelled he agreed to a town hall hosted by ABC.

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  1. […] NBC News confirmed on Wednesday that it would host a town hall with President Trump on Thursday evening in Miami, moderated by Today host Savannah Guthrie. It aired at 8 pm ET – the same time as former VP Joe Biden’s town hall event on ABC. The two events were held on Thursday in place of the previously scheduled second presidential debate, which was canceled. […]

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