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Yesterday the internet was abuzz with ComicsGate fans posting pictures and videos of themselves receiving their copies of the highly anticipated “Jawbreakers: Lost Souls” by Richard C. Meyer, Jon Malin, and Brett Smith.

“Jawbreakers” was essentially the spark that ignited the inferno that is the ComicsGate scene. Meyer was a YouTube personality who was very critical of what mainstream comics was producing and was challenged to create something better. The result was Jawbreakers, a return to the comic books of the 90s, filled with over-the-top action, big muscles, and attractive women. It’s campaign raised a total of $404,913, the second highest funded campaign in ComicsGate thus far.

Jawbreakers: Lost Souls. Variant cover by Ethan Van Sciver and Kyle Ritter

Also yesterday, Doug TenNapel’s new book “Bigfoot Bill”, closed out its campaign becoming the third highest funded book in ComicsGate, raising $197,076. In a successful attempt to boost his campaign in the eleventh hour, TenNapel began adding ridiculous stretch perks.

TenNaple even live-streamed his transition into a cyber-punk Christian dad on his YouTube channel, so you can probably expect the same when the beard goes blue.

Lonestar: Heart of the Hero, by the ever controversial Mike S. Miller, is also beginning to make its way into its backer’s hands. It raised $113,366.

Ethan Van Sciver, the Caesar of ComicsGate, is still hard at work on the long awaited “Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney”, which between its two campaigns, raised an astounding $628,834. Fully colored pages by the stunningly talented Kyle Ritter (@deafcolorist) are being teased regularly and Van Sciver has assured fans that he is almost done with production. Backers don’t seem to mind the wait, though, as the fans in the chat on his YouTube channel continue to encourage Van Sciver to take him time and make the best comic book possible.

Page from “Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney” by Ethan Van Sciver and Kyle Ritter

Some other currently InDemand books on Indiegogo include “Red Rooster: Golden Age” by Mitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser which has currently raised $179,199.

“Brand” by Antonio Brice and Canaan White is at $57,367 and climbing.

“Lady Alchemy,” by Martina Markota, has raised $34,256.

“The Good Knight: Nightmare Realm #1,” by rising voice Crystal McGhee and Fransisco Narde, which I reported on earlier, has climbed to $10,935.

The full list is over at

All of these creators, and more, have been persecuted in some way by the mainstream industry because of their beliefs, or the refusal to bend to someone else’s ideology. Men, Women, Black, White, Brown, and everyone in between. They seek creative freedom and the freedom to earn a livelihood, just like everyone else. The double standard upheld by the far-left is astonishing. How can you stand there and yell about equality, yet condemn someone who is different than you?


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