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Crystal McGhee is a young creator with a new comic book on Indiegogo called “The Good Knight: Nightmare Realm #1.” Her problem: she had only raised $1,500 of her $5,000 goal with just over a week remaining. Solution: go on Ethan Van Sciver’s COMICSGATE LIVE show on his YouTube channel ComicArtistPro Secrets.

What Ethan does on COMICSGATE LIVE is he brings in creators from around the ComicsGate scene that have projects on Indiegogo and he helps shine a spotlight on them. This isn’t just a one-and-done kind of appearance either. He brings these creators on multiple episodes, introduces them to the fans, and lets them talk about and get people excited about their book.  What Ethan does for these creators and the ComicsGate community is absolutely astounding.  He promotes strong voices, introduces people, and really generates a sense of family.

A panel from The Good Knight. Art by Francisco Narde

Crystal McGhee is one such creator. Crystal has worked in the entertainment industry since she was 19, editing and doctoring Hollywood scripts, so she’s no ‘newbie’ to the scene.  The idea for “The Good Knight” came to her after watching the anime movie “Akira” and was originally intended to be a stop motion film before McGhee decided to turn it into a graphic novel.  “The Good Knight: Nightmare Realm” is a 12 issue maxi-series, boasting 48 magazine-sized pages per issue, and the climactic final two issues will contain even more.  The art is done by Bazilian artist Francisco Narde, who uses charcoals and then uploads the image so he can make digital enhancements. The result is simply stunning.

“The Good Knight: Nightmare Realm #1,” is the first entry in a new shared universe that Crystal is creating.  “The Good Knight” is about Sir Alexander, an Arthurian knight trapped in the body of a teddy bear, who must save his new master’s son from the evil Queen Belladonna.  Despite the adorable teddy bear, this is a horror/fantasy story intended for mature readers.

Crystal is an incredibly humble and amazing person and this is going to be an amazing book.  Thanks to the help of Ethan Van Sciver and the rest of the ComicsGate crew (Crystal has appeared on numerous podcasts), The Good Knight: Nightmare Realm has reached and surpassed its $5,000 goal.

As of today, her campaign is at $8,400 and climbing fast with five days remaining.  The In-Demand store will be open until April or June so there is still time to get in on this groundbreaking new world that Crystal is creating.  I urge you all to go check out this book.  She has some awesome Stretch Perks as well and I see no reason why this campaign shouldn’t hit at least $20,000.

Check out “The Good Knight: Nightmare Realm #1” on Indiegogo.

Check out for a list of all open ComicsGate projects.

Preview of “The Good Knight.” Art by Francisco Narde

Preview of “The Good Knight.” Art by Francisco Narde

Preview of “The Good Knight.” Art by Francisco Narde

Featured photo: Crystal McGhee, creator of “The Good Knight: Nightmare Realm.” Photo courtesy Crystal McGhee


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