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There is a war raging on the battlefields of Twitter. Social Justice Warriors, ComicsGate and anti-ComicsGate fans have all taken up arms to defend their beloved homeland of “Comicstoria”…

Actually, it’s just comic books.

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The reason I’m differentiating Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and anti-ComicsGate is because there is always a gray area. There are fans that aren’t SJWs but still believe highly in social justice yet don’t affiliate with either side. These fans have become anti-ComicsGate because of the horrible things the SJWs have been saying and what they’ve seen about ComicsGate. The thing is, I can’t find much evidence of any bigotry, segregation, or any other kind of social injustice activity from ComicsGate. What I’ve seen is actually a very welcoming community of fans that just want to see quality comics and movies produced out of Marvel and DC.


If you type ‘ComicsGate’ into the search bar of Twitter you will discover an endless barrage of conversation on the subject. What I get most out of the conversation is that most people just don’t understand what ComicsGate is or what they stand for and this is only perpetuated by the SJWs.

To clarify; ComicsGate is supposed to be for everyone. The reason you can’t find ComicsGate comics on your local comic shop’s shelves is because they’re not meant to be seen. They are meant to be nonpartisan and for everyone to enjoy. Gay, straight, Republican, Democrat, white, black, brown it doesn’t matter. Ethan Van Sciver and his mod squad have actually called-out and pushed out most of the poisonous people flying the ComicsGate flag and they will continue to do so, I’m sure, until all the trolls are gone from ComicsGate for good, allowing it to flourish into the movement it’s supposed to be. Which I don’t think is very far off.

Both ComicsGate and the SJWs are guilty of throwing shade at each other. One thing I’ve noticed about humans is that when we’re backed into a corner, or angry, we tend to go for the low-blows and pot-shots to defend ourselves. Bringing up matters that have nothing to do with the issue at hand. I.e., you don’t like a certain writer’s take on your favorite character so you take to social media and degrade that writer by calling them inept, overweight, or a slew of other slurs directed at that writer personally. Someone defend said writer and then that person gets attacked and called dumb and so on and so forth.

Photo courtesy Adam A.F.

I blame the era we live in. We’ve gotten so caught up in social media and making sure we say what’s on our minds exactly when it enters our brain without a second thought about it. My grandmother always preached to me, “think before you speak”. I believe this should go double when social media is involved because we’re so anxious to get our opinion out there first. We crave to be the first comment or the first one to like a post. We’re so ready to open our mouths that we don’t really take the time to sit down and think about what we’re commenting on or articulate the comments we’re making and that’s where we get into trouble.


I’m not sure which was birthed first, hatred or ignorance, but they are hell-born twins. The more hate your harbor, the more ignorant you become; the more ignorant you become, the more you hate because you don’t understand it. Studies have shown that anger clouds our judgment, so next time maybe take a step back and take a breath, count to ten, and then address the situation.

What I’m proposing is a ceasefire. For all sides to put down their arms, stop the constant Twitter fighting, and maybe do something good and productive, like making good comics, or volunteering at a soup kitchen. Prove which side is the better instead of just cutting each other down.

I want to start a new hashtag. The next time you find yourself under attack from a troll, I suggest replying with #DontFeedTheTrolls and then blocking or muting whomever is trolling. Don’t give these people the satisfaction of getting under your skin and stop giving these people attention that they do not deserve. Trolls live to get a rise out of you. The more you defend yourself the more you feed the troll providing them with more ammunition. So I propose we stop feeding into these people and stop giving them fame and recognition that isn’t deserved. Eventually, if ignored long enough, they will lose their momentum, putter out, and disappear.

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