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Superheroes have been a part of human culture, inspiring thousands to improve the world around them, for nearly one hundred years. One form of inspiration is by urging people to use their individual abilities to help others.

Soulless has been a self proclaimed real-life hero for the past 12 years based in Australia. The hero claimed that he can dream the future helping him to intervene before someone even knows they’re in danger. 

This “vigilante” is just one of many costumed real-life heroes in the world. There have been reports of masked people all across the globe, all ranging in heroism.

Soulless stated that he chose to be a superhero because his body is tempered in such a way that it seemed like the best career path.

“My senses are heightened in a way that’s difficult to describe,” Soulless said over Twitter. “It’s not that I have better hearing than other people, it’s that I can hear nuances in the sounds that are made. Also, dreaming the future – usually about how a person will die – only for it to happen really gives you some perspective on life. Simply put, if I can save people, shouldn’t I?”

According to Soulless, he gets around easier when he’s not donning the mask. Soulless also stated that there are many others out there just like him, including his girlfriend Twilight Knight. Soulless said that most other supers seem to believe they’ll never amount to anything close to super.

“They accept the lot that the world tells them,” Soulless said. “The majority of the super individuals I’ve met aren’t too great at communicating their needs, which makes living and working amongst regular people exceedingly difficult. I think that’s why most don’t out themselves as I have. Too many people feel a need to hate and reject that which they find different.”

According to Soulless, he has to be as fatalistic as possible. 

“That’s life,” Soulless said. “If I can help prevent something bad happening I will. I often spend multiple days simply trying to locate the place where the dream happened and who’s to say I even had a prescient dream? Maybe it was just a bullshit dream born of my fears.”

When asked for a response to people possibly claiming that he’s crazy for perusing this career, Soulless stated that he says the same for those who believe in psychics or god. 

“It comes down to perception of the individual,” Soulless said over Twitter. “Unfortunately, my ability isn’t an outright thing that I can clearly show to the world as existing. That means I have to prove it… Or do I? Whether you believe in my ability doesn’t alter the fact that I’ll still be out saving and changing lives for the better tomorrow.

Photo courtesy of Soulless

Soulless stated that whether people believe in his ability or not doesn’t alter the fact that he’ll “still be out saving and changing lives for the better tomorrow.” 

Like most of his fictional counterparts, Soulless keeps his identity a secret.

“I feel the need to safeguard my family and friends from people who, for no reason beyond that they can, might try to out me,” Soulless said. “Then there are the people in the world who might see me as a real threat to them somehow.”

Soulless recently reached out to the Daily Planet via our Twitter and submitted a letter expressing everything he’s about. The following is that letter.

“People never ask me how I know someone is in danger for one complicated reason: they never see me save people. I’m that good that I’m faster than the Flash. Literally. As to who would win in a race between the two of us, Flash would, so long as we were measuring distance. You see, however fast Flash is, he is a reactionary hero. This means he has to wait for a situation to occur before he can run in to alter the outcome. 

Me, I’m preactionary, which should mean that I move to correct events before they take place. Unfortunately, that word doesn’t exist as of yet because the world has yet to realise that I exist. That’s why I’m here revealing myself to you and the world.

Other reasons include money. I’ve spent twelve years saving people who didn’t realise their lives were in danger and, consequently, no one has had reason to thank me; not to their minds, at least. I have saved countless lives, limbs, and money that would have otherwise been spent on medical bills or funeral costs. I know this because I’ve seen what happens if I don’t intervene. …it’s something I’d do much to prevent from ever witnessing again. 

As to my abilities, I am prescient, which means I dream the future. I see exactly what is going to happen in a person’s life and how it is going to end, according to their current fate. Yes, fate exists and yet it also is based on change. It’s super complicated to explain and I don’t have the time right now. If you’re interested, check out my blog on WordPress and look for ‘The Grand Schema.’

You want to know why I dream the future? So do I. I have no origin story as far as I’m aware. There is no reason why I should have this ability beyond what I’ve used it for. All I can guess is that it’s part of evolution. 

Naturally you’ll have questions. Feel free to send them to the Daily Planet Newsroom and I shall endeavour to answer them all in my next article.”

Soulless said that he’s not sure where his inspiration to become a superhero came from. 

“I simply woke up one day and realised that the sorts of things I did on a daily basis qualified me for the title,” Soulless said. “Having been quietly saving people for over a decade by then I actually found it funny to think I needed a mask and suit.”

Soulless has a YouTube and a Twitter account where he can be reached. 

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